Jamie Perrett



Next release: Poetic Justice on now

Jamie Perrett
Jamie Perrett


“Not your average Nepo Baby” Jamie groans in one of his lyrics; he is unavoidably mentioned alongside his father, Peter Perrett from The Only Ones with whom he has worked since 2015 on Peter’s recent solo records as a guitarist and producer. 

As a solo artist, Jamie delivers an impactful and distinctive sound. A mixture of dark driving riffs, poignant lyrics and dynamic arrangements which are perfectly punctuated with powerful and catchy melodies.


This unique style gives his music a rare quality that is accessible to everyone whilst appealing to the most discerning ears.

     “In Masquerade Of Love, Jamie Perrett has produced one of the most exciting debut singles of the year so far. The bright and infectious melody perfectly complements the driving rhythm and shimmering guitar, leading into a soaring and instantly memorable chorus”  

Louder than War  


‘Angel of Santiago’, also achieved plaudits: 

“‘Angel of Santiago’, opening the show, is infused with passion and power. The encore of ‘Masquerade of Love’ is even more of a revelation, going from wistful doo-wop to a full-blown roar. Imagine ‘Teenager in Love’ blooming into a raw-assed Sun Sessions creation and you’re getting the idea. The rest of the set promises a fine debut album.”

Louder than War, Stuart McLachlan

In the past year, as well as writing and recording, Jamie has been showcasing his new material live, across the UK, Europe and South America to strong acclaim from fans and critics alike.  

Jamie Perrett is set to release Poetic Justice on January 17th and will be playing on the 12th of January in Paris, at Le Sub Pigalle, with more upcoming shows in the UK to be announced soon. 

‘Poetic Justice’ is the first of a host of new releases that Jamie Perrett has in store for 2024; before his darker, harder-edged album material is released later this year. 


 “I like beautiful melodies telling me terrible things” (Tom Waits)